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Bride and Groom

What's next?

Let’s chat and I’ll check my availability for your big day.

We set up a meeting either face to face or via video call to get to know each other and form a connection.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss your plans and for me to answer any questions you may have.

You decide if I’m the right fit and we book it in.



Now it’s time to get the important Legal’s started and complete the Notice of intent and begin to plan your beautiful wedding.

I pass on my extensive wedding resource kit and a questionnaire which helps me get to know you better and personalise your ceremony. I listen carefully to your ideas and with your input I then begin to craft your unique ceremony.

I guide you through the process, keeping things nice and easy and stress free.

When the ceremony is written I forward it to you for your tick of approval.



Almost there!

Closer to the day we organise a rehearsal at the Venue and have a run through. This helps to settle any nerves and makes sure everyone is comfortable and on the same page with what is going to happen, it’s a great opportunity to check in with everyone involved and fine tune arrangements.

We also check and sign the second part of the Legal work and we are good to go.



On the day

I arrive nice and early, setup my PA and do a sound check and liaise with other wedding providers and make sure all going to plan.

We get you married and impress your guests with a beautiful ceremony presented with warmth, love and laughter.

Sign the Legal work alongside your two witness (over the age of 18) and send you back down that aisle as a married couple to enjoy the celebrations with family and friends.

I then head home to lodge the Legal work with the BDM and apply for a registered copy of your marriage certificate if prearranged and reflect on your perfect day.

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